About Us

RisenVision was put in my heart in 2002 as a tool to use my creativity (art, graphics, poetry, etc.) to share the love of God to help you to look up, rise above, and focus on a vision above a rise above vision or “risen vision”.

Often, it seems that life can interrupt our goals with unexpected twists and turns. However, faith chooses to believe they are only delayed so what we learn in the twist or turn can also be incorporated. God takes preparation time with us to guide us along the path He has for us… developing us to be a useful vessel to others. Poetry and works of art have a way of encouraging people’s hearts and spirits along the way.

Frustration or heartbreak, affects us at our core, or in our spirits. Likewise, a faithful dependence on God can cause an artist or poet to be birthed out of the broken heart of a believer with a vision for a future time of refreshing and fulfillment of a purpose to lift the spirit of others through that creative expression.

People who do artistry or write poetry are intrinsically or internally motivated. Skills, however, can be learned and perfected. Likewise, spiritual growth and developing a greater sense of hearing the voice of God within one’s spirit can be perfected through prayer and study of the Word. The poetic and artistic voice, however, also relates to our natural talents, passions, and desires of expression. Often, to write poems to encourage, all you have to do is take dictations from the voice speaking within your spirit. So, if you have a creative desire, there is something inside that you have to say. Likewise with paint to canvas, hand to sculpture, or a photographer’s eye. Sometimes process of maturing and gaining clarity of your purpose takes time…

This website is the culmination of my passion for the artwork of God and creative motivation He put in my spirit, and a desire to share that as He continues to manifest it through me… through creative gifts that will lift up those who purchase, wear, or share, is my prayer. It’s a mere beginning, but life is a journey and I am choosing to walk it with you… searching, collecting, sharing, creating and developing as I am led… I hope you find something you like.